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Enhance Customer Service

In your business, as in ours, customer service is everything! In fact, it‘s the most important “service” we offer. To help you with yours, CallMaX offers an array of services that will help attract new residents and keep them happy. CallMaX provides targeted leasing information on calls, immediate call answering and page outs for resident service emergencies, performance scoring for team evaluations, the “See Me” feature, the Bulletin resident communications service, bilingual options, efficient package management, and much more. Having happy residents means more referrals – and even more happy residents!

Increase Resident Retention

You‘ve worked hard to sign up new residents, so why not do everything you can to keep them? You can easily do this by finding out what they want and giving it to them: The key is communication. CallMaX promotes communication through our Bulletin service, (email, phone, text, and chat), a unique resident survey module called FeedBaX, and ultra-convenient package notifications. Of course one of the leading issues in retention is maintenance service. Our Interactive answering service has advanced and industry-unique features, including performance scoring, that are sure to help close the “back door” to your community and hold on to as many residents as possible.

Improve Office Productivity

Time is always in short supply. Property management staff is called on to do so much these days, and to always do more for less. CallMaX has services that can help make you faster, better, and more efficient at your daily tasks. FeedBaX helps automate, speed up, and even improve leasing lead follow ups. The Package App saves a world of time and effort in managing packages and automatically notifying residents. And don‘t forget our mobile app for Android and Apple which gives you productivity on the go.

Increase ROI. Save Money. Beat the Budget.

It‘s not what you make, it‘s what you keep! So managing expense budgets is critical. CallMaX is your affordable one-stop shop for almost all of your office operations‘ needs. Our efficient and effective Bulletin resident notification service saves on printing costs and cleanup. The Package App can free up as much as several hours per day in personal productivity alone – a real cost saver. But the ultimate ROI generators are leases and retention. In those areas, CallMaX has you covered. Powerful lead-tracking tools and the exclusive resident-focused features of our Interactive answering service ensure you bring in residents quickly and make them feel at home. The accounting team will love you for it!

Capture More Leads

No lead is missed, and no sales opportunity is wasted with CallMaX. Our
MaX~LEASING service makes sure of that. Every leasing lead with Caller ID is immediately available to you online – even if they don‘t leave a message! Our CallBaX automatic lead follow-up service ensures your staff achieves a 100% response rate. Do you need ideas to generate those leads? Keyword text campaigns can be a creative solution. You can even chat with prospects via live text in CallMaX or on your website. And by catering to your international clientele with multilingual menu options, CallMaX can give you an added advantage in your market.