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TelephoneCallMaX revolutionized the “answering service” for multifamily with our Interactive answering service. Speech recognition technology, maintenance response recordings, performance scoringmobile app access, the “See Me” feature and many more industry-firsts make CallMaX the recognized leader in the industry. With MaX~ANSWER you can also keep your on-hold callers happy and informed with our Music on Hold service. Need Spanish or other language support? No problem. And our Portal feature works right on your property website and enables lease inquiries, live chat, and even maintenance requests.



MaX-MEDIACallMaX leads the way in resident communication. Our Bulletin feature uses text, email and your personally recorded phone messages to quickly keep residents informed and involved; building relationships and raising retention rates. Let your residents inform you too! Our simple and powerful resident survey feature, FeedBaX, lets you do just that at an amazing low price. MaX~MEDIA also enables live text and chat directly on your agent‘s desktop.



ChartsThe MaX~LEASING service is a powerful set of tools to support your marketing efforts. The Call Tracking feature reports on your advertising effectiveness, provides contact information for new leads, and even records leasing calls to aid in agent training efforts.  You can energize this service by adding performance scoring to continually evaluate your leasing team. Powerful analytics can show you how to maximize your advertising spend and minimize your expenses. CallMaX takes lead management to another level with the innovative CallBaX feature. Now you can automate and document your lead follow-up activity and help ensure that no lead is ever left behind. Supercharging Call Tracking and CallBaX with PSI Leasing gives you valuable insights to your leasing team‘s performance.  MaX~LEASING also includes a powerful and easy-to-use Keyword Text Campaign module.



MaX-OFFICE PackagesGot packages? Let our new package management system, The Package App, ease the daily burden of checking in, checking out, and notifying residents. It‘s fast and simple, and works right on your smartphone or tablet! And at only $49/mo, no leasing office should be without it. MaX~OFFICE also includes a Call Recording feature allowing you to record any important call you make from the office. Plus, it includes two unique staff management tools that we call M.O.M. These highly innovative and exclusive features provide oversight and location accountability for your maintenance staff and leasing agents.

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Professional Solutions

professional solutions handshakeDid you know that CallMaX is the first and only company to offer Performance Scoring analysis on your maintenance and courtesy staff calls with residents? If you shop your leasing team, why not score your maintenance and courtesy staff too? Identify and solve any service issues, which are a main cause of retention loss in the industry. Make sure your leasing team is making the right impression with Performance Scoring for leasing. Need to integrate with your software? CallMaX does that too! Call us to discuss your specific Integration needs. CallMaX can also go the extra mile for you by providing Custom Solutions that work with the full array of CallMaX services to meet most specific needs.