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"Foulger-Pratt Residential has used CallMaX at all of our non-24 hour attended front desk assets since 2010. Over the years, the documented response times and recorded conversations between my staff and residents have proved to be invaluable. We have never had a single issue with CallMaX to report. CallMaX has very efficient call management solutions that are easy to use. We are very happy with their solutions and friendly 24×7 customer service."

Robert Speck, Regional Property Manager
Foulger-Pratt Residential
"We switched to CallMaX in an effort to reduce cost. The plus is that we reduced cost and we are receiving a better service. We are more than satisfied with choosing CallMaX."

Brian Alford, Vice President of Operations
Grady Management, Inc.
"In a ’there’s an app for that‘ world, I’m glad to see that CallMaX has stepped up their game to include themselves in that claim! The CallMaX mobile app has made it very easy to change our on-call technician at any time, anywhere. We can check our messages quickly and get back in touch with our residents and leads faster. We don’t need a hardwired computer anymore to make things happen. I am a property manager who likes to know everything that is happening at my community. The CallMaX mobile app is the way to do that, especially for immediately contacting our residents when it comes to emergencies. I hope sooner rather than later, everyone else in the apartment industry downloads and utilizes this more than helpful nugget of gold."

Michelle Ketterman, Property Manager
ECI Management Corporation
"I absolutely LOVE the CallMaX resident notification system! MaX~MEDIA saves time and money by providing a green alternative to printing hundreds of flyers and placing them on your residents‘ doors. You can easily customize your resident list should you need to notify a group by building or you can create small groups to notify residents when their packages have arrived or to wish them a happy birthday. Anyone in the office can create a notification, which helps share the responsibility. I would highly recommend MaX~MEDIA for anyone who would like to cut costs for resident notifications while being environmentally responsible."

Puddin Abrams, Marketing Representative
Matrix Residential
"The CallMaX answering service has surpassed what we ever had imagined. Training is always easy for our teams with prompt responses to our emails, needs and calls. Everyone we have communicated with at CallMaX has been so pleasant and helpful. We are excited about tapping in to the text keyword campaign feature that is part of MaX~MEDIA. There is so much we can do with CallMaX that we are taking some time to master each element and then roll out to our entire portfolio. With 40 properties and GROWING you have been able to set our newest takeovers up on CallMaX as soon as we needed and this helps with takeovers so much! We really value CallMaX here at Nolan!"

Tracey Tyler, SW Regional Marketing Director
Nolan Real Estate Services
"Everyone that I have worked with at CallMaX has been fantastic. My experience with CallMaX started with the sales team, who continuously goes above and beyond to make sure that we are happy with CallMaX and utilizing our services to their abilities in order to optimize our dollars spent. Hands down I would recommend the CallMaX team."

Lara Golike, CAM, Regional Marketing Manager
Fogelman Management Group
"I recently sent an email to the CallMaX help desk to see if they would be able to adjust their maintenance report so that it could include an average response time for non-page out calls. The customer service team promptly responded to my email and within the next few days stated that they would be able to accommodate my request. As promised, they provided the exact tool that I requested. I appreciate CallMaX‘s prompt response to my request. As a call management service provider CallMaX has enabled me to better manage my time and ensure a high level of customer service! I know that CallMaX services a multitude of communities, but they are attentive to the needs of our project and I really appreciate that. Thank you for keeping your word and for following up with me!"

Rebecca L. Lisle, Resource Manager
Hickam Communities LLC
"I really appreciate CallMaX. We have used a variety of answering services in the past and haven‘t found any of them to be satisfactory. We use CallMaX at 80% of our properties. I love everything about the way CallMaX does business. The customer service is great. I have always reached a live customer support technician who was able to help me immediately. The features you offer are more than we can even use. The CallMaX system works for us, it is easy-to-use and is reasonably priced. We are definitely fans of CallMaX."

Philip Lancaster, Managing Broker
Rock Point Real Estate
"The Package App has worked great at our community. We receive many packages daily and many would go unclaimed for days, leaving us with little room for new incoming packages. The Package App is so easy to use to check-in the packages and immediately notifies the resident of the delivery. Many residents now pick up their packages on the same day it is delivered. The residents really appreciate the notification and some are excited about an unexpected package. The Package App has definitely made our lives and our residents‘ lives easier!"

Nicole Benson, Community Manager
Wilkinson Real Estate Advisors
"We LOVE The Package App from CallMaX. It made the holiday season a lot smoother for us and our residents thanked us daily for the speediness of the text notifications, calls or emails they received when the packages arrived. Most of the time we actually beat the carriers on notifying our residents that their packages were in the office!"

Tiffany Scarlett, Property Manager
Carroll Organization
"We are very happy with CallMaX. We really love the emails we receive when a caller does not leave a message. We use the Caller ID to follow up with them and gained two leases doing this in the first month! With those two leases, CallMaX has already paid for itself."

Beth Moore, Property Manager
Avenue5 Residential
"I had a request to provide more of a summary type layout, not only was this request met but they ran it up the flagpole and had it done within the same day. Tremendous customer service, needless to say I was very pleased."

Garrett Salk, Asset Manager
Sherman Residential

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