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CallMaX Introduces Rapid Reply™: One-Touch Resident Communications

A service issue response solution for multifamily

ATLANTA, May 6, 2015 – CallMaX, the leader in innovative answering and resident communication services for the multifamily industry, announced today the introduction of Rapid Reply, another CallMaX industry first. Rapid Reply gives maintenance and courtesy professionals the ability to immediately respond to residents that have called in to report a service issue via specific, issue-appropriate phone or text messages.

“Maintenance and courtesy professionals are often the first point of contact for their properties when dealing with resident issues. We have found that giving them more tools in their toolbox to facilitate their communication with residents makes their jobs easier, and residents appreciate the quick feedback,” said David A. Clarke, president of CallMaX. “With Rapid Reply, staff can send a phone or text message, carrying a specific and relevant status message, to the resident in response to a reported issue. They can send this right from their phone or even directly from the CallMaX website.”

Many times an issue has already been reported and is actively being addressed, or the maintenance personnel are already on their way to the resident‘s location. Perhaps the issue is not an emergency at all and will be handled on the next business day. In such cases, being able to quickly send the resident a relevant status update saves time and frees up maintenance and courtesy personnel to focus on more pressing issues.

Rapid Reply is also an important part of a complete resident communication strategy.  Providing residents updates on reported issues gives them the peace of mind that their issue has been acknowledged and is being addressed promptly. It also reduces the number of times a resident calls back for an update. Additionally, when reporting an issue, residents can opt-in to receive text message updates as well.  The result is much greater staff time-efficiency and an immediate improvement in resident satisfaction.

“Mobile applications with both voice and text messaging capabilities are a key element of any resident communication strategy, and Rapid Reply is our latest innovation where we once again raise the bar on resident communication,” said Clarke.

The CallMaX mobile app is available for both Apple and Android devices and is available, at no additional charge, for every CallMaX customer. Rapid Reply is now a standard feature on the CallMaX Interactive answering service platform and is easily enabled by any user with appropriate access.

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