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CallMaX Becomes First Multifamily Supplier to Offer Call Scoring for Maintenance and Courtesy Response Calls

CallMaX Performance Scoring Index supports staff training, identifies star performers

ATLANTA, JANUARY 21, 2016 – CallMaX, the leader in innovative answering and resident communication services for the multifamily industry, launches Performance Scoring Index, the first call scoring solution for maintenance and courtesy response calls at apartment communities. PSI helps property management companies and apartment owners identify maintenance training needs, support employee assessments and recognize star performers across their portfolio. PSI represents yet another industry-first innovation by CallMaX.

“Studies and surveys show that after job relocation, unsatisfactory handling of maintenance requests is the number one reason residents do not renew their lease or move out early,” said David Clarke, president of CallMaX. “Since maintenance and courtesy response call recording is something we originated in the industry and is a standard feature of the CallMaX multifamily answering service, we have identified it as a unique opportunity to augment or replace resident surveys. Given that PSI scores the actual resident interactions, results are more timely, accurate and representative, all at a lower price point than traditional survey methods. This greatly helps property management companies and community managers identify training opportunities, promote star performers and increase resident retention.”

PSI provides apartment community managers valuable insights on recorded conversations between team members and residents during emergency requests. The management company can customize the scoring questions as well as the weighting assigned to each question. Trained CallMaX call scorers grade calls based upon a number of categories including response time, greeting, maintenance needs identification, action plan and fair housing. Once graded, the scores can be reported by company, region, property, score type, user and time period, and can be compared to industry-wide averages. Management also has the ability to send award certificates to employees each month to acknowledge service super stars.

“Poor handling of maintenance issues has a direct impact on resident retention and occupancy,” said Clarke. “PSI can help apartment owners and operators improve staff performance and increase resident retention by helping to insure a better resident experience. They can also monitor for compliance with Fair Housing laws, service objectives and corporate policy initiatives.”

CallMaX has completed a successful pilot program of PSI with several national property management companies. In 2016 CallMaX will expand PSI to include call scoring for leasing calls.

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